GSM Aladdin Dongle v2

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GSM Aladdin Dongle V2 is mobile flash, unlock and repair tool for Chinese mobile phones. GSM Aladdin Dongle V2 is redesigned and upgraded version of GSM Aladdin Dongle. It allows you to benefit from new software updates.

GSM Aladdin Dongle v2 - Supported Features:

  • MTK
    • MTK read pattern code (no ADB, no root)
    • MTK reset user code (Add Facelock) (no ADB, no root)
    • MTK repair WiFi
    • MTK enable languages
    • MTK Android format, read flash
    • MTK back phonebook (EMMC)
    • MTK Nokia - read/write, format, read password
    • MTK MT6572/6571 Nand - read pattern and phonebook
    • MTK 6595 support
    • MTK 6583/9 support (new boot)
    • MTK MT6753/6735 EMMC - read, write, EMMC reset code, read pattern
  • SPD:
    • SPD SC7730/31 - write flash, read/write NV, Repair IMEI, read user code (pattern) no ADB, no root
    • SPD SC7730/31 - back phonebook (EMMC)
    • SPD SC7715- format, read and write IMEI/NV
    • SPD SC7730/7731 - read pattern code, format
    • SPD SC8830 EMMC - write, format, read and write IMEI/NV, read phonebook
    • SPD SC7715 Nand - read pattern and phonebook
  • HTC
    • HTC read info (Android)
    • HTC NCK/NSCK unlock (Android)
    • HTC SIMnlock (Desire C)
    • HTC 0make Goldcard (Android)
  • Huawei
    • Huawei Qualcomm - SP unlock, reset/write security
    • Huawei MTK - unlock, repair IMEI
    • Huawei HiSilicon - read /write NV, write flash
  • Samsung (Old Models)
    • Samsung - flash, unlock, repair IMEI
    • Samsung Sprint unlock
You can check all supported models in Alladin2 software. The software can be launched without a dongle

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